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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Skip Hire?
    A skip is an open-topped container, specifically designed for transporting large quantities of waste. They are engineered to be carried on the back of a specialist lorry. The skips we use are carefully engineered and repurposed to minimise the impact on the environment.
  • What Happens To My Skip Waste, Does It Go To Landfill?
    In our industry, there's a widespread misconception that all skip waste ends up in a landfill. As long as you choose a licensed and environmentally responsible waste disposal company like ours, your waste won't simply be dumped in a landfill. After we've collected your skip, we'll meticulously sort your waste into recyclable and non-recyclable materials. We are deeply committed to recycling and will make every effort to recycle as much as possible from your waste.
  • What Can I Put In A Skip?
    Residential skips are for: general household waste, garden waste, paper, plastics, furniture and other bulky items that are otherwise hard to dispose of. Both residential and commercial skips can be used to dispose of building waste, rubble and soil but there are some limitations to the sizing of these, as they can easily become too heavy to manoeuvre. We can only accept soil, rubble and other matters of the likes in skips up to 7yrd/Large Skip.
  • What Can't I Put In A Skip?
    You must not put hazardous items into your skip. These include but are not exclusive to; Fridges & Freezers TV or Computer Monitors Liquids (Dried out solid paint is ok) Fluorescent tubes and other mercury containing waste Gas canisters Tyres Asbestos (Please, choose a specialist asbestos skip) Plasterboard must not be mixed in with general waste If in doubt, leave it out. If you are unsure whether your materials can be placed in your skip, call us to check before booking.
  • Can I Move My Skip?
    Containers are only to be moved on-site with appropriate lifting equipment. Any damage caused through abuse or negligence will be charged for. Skips can only be moved upon agreement between Fakenham Skips and the hirer and can only be moved by appropriate means.
  • How Long Is My Skip Hire For?
    The price charged includes 10 days of hire. We will automatically collect the skip after 10 days unless an additional hire is paid for at the time of order. If we arrive on-site and cannot collect the skip, an £80.00 + VAT charge will be incurred. Rental must be agreed upon before we leave to collect the skip.
  • Where Can I Place A Skip?
    Skips are only permitted to be dropped off on private land. We cannot drop off skips on public land such as roads, paths, etc.
  • How Much Space Do You Need To Deliver A Skip?
    There must be at least 9.5ft in width clearance for our lorry to enter the premises you wish your skip delivered to.
  • Do I Need To Be There When My Skip Is Delivered/Collected?
    No, you do not need to be available when we deliver your skip. Space must be left for the skip to be placed and any potential access issues should be discussed prior to placing your booking.
  • How Much Can I Put In My Skip?
    Please see our website for load levels (use of 'greedy boards' and wastes extending beyond the front and rear of the skips is not acceptable). In the case of closed bins please ensure that the doors are shut and secure prior to collection. Overloading of the skips is chargeable. In the event of the skip being overfilled to cause danger whilst in transit, the skip will not be collected but you will be charged for any abortive transport costs.
  • How Quickly Can I Get A Skip?
    Fakenham Skips require at least 24-hours to arrange delivery. The availability of skip hire is as per our online booking system, if there is not a slot available please call our office and we will do our best to get your skip delivered as soon as possible.
  • Can I Have A Skip Delivered On Weekends?
    Delivery not available on a weekend. Bookings made for weekends will be moved to the next available business day.
  • Where Do Skips Get Emptied?
    Skips that are collected by our drivers are delivered back to our yard. They are emptied into a bay, one at a time and the waste is carefully sorted to enable us to recycle as much of the waste as possible.
  • Can I Mix The Waste In My Skip?
    Yes, it’s fine to mix different types of waste in your skip, with the exception of plasterboard and hazardous wastes.
  • Will Skips Take Plasterboard?
    Yes, but only in a specialist plasterboard skip in order to dispose of this responsibly.
  • Will Skips Take Soil And Aggregates?
    Yes, we can take soil and rubble in our skips that are large or smaller. Larger skips become too heavy to move safely when they are filled with rubble or soil, so we cannot accept larger skips that contain rubble, soil or aggregates.
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